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May 12, 2017



Not all exercise is created equal (and "I am on my feet all day" does not count an exercise), which is why a construction laborer is at great risk. They are doing heavy labor everyday, fully exposed to the elements, with no time for repair and rejuvenation. Unlike bone crushing physical labor that tears you down, exercise program that build you up are based on the principles of overload, specificity, repetition, rest, and reversibility. 

Overload means that a certain level of stimulus is necessary for adaptation to occur. 

Specificity of training means that a specific stimulus for adaptation results in very specific structural, metabolic, hormonal, and functional changes in targeted elements of your body. Different regimens have varying results on your skeletal, muscular, or cardiovascular systems.

Repetition means just that you have to go through the same motions again and again (but not to the point of damage).

Rest is essential step in the building process and without it, any fitness gains can turn to losses.

Finally, reversibility means that, if you discontinue training, you may lose the benefits you have gained.

Sorry, folks, but once we have come back to that unpleasant truth: use it or lose it, which will expand to "use it right or lose it": Doing any old exercise any old way is likely to do as much harms as good. To get the benefit and to avoid the harm, you have to do it correctly.

Top 7 mistakes done by listening to the RUMOURS

  1. Always stretch before exercise - The bit of truth hidden in this bad idea is that stretching is essential. But the classic (erroneous) idea that became popular in the 1970s is that you have to stretch before your workout to prevent injury. (stretching cold is more likely to cause an injury. The right idea is to slowly work up to a sweat before you stretch. For instance, if you are a runner, start out with a walk, then a slow jog until you warm up. 
  2. Go Hard or Go Home - Allen Iverson has been the toughest athlete in USA and he tried to tough it out anytime, no matter what. The worry then was he had pushed himself too hard, and eventually it caught up with him. His career ended too early. Toughness can look ugly 10 years later - just like North Dallas Forty. You don't want to be so tough that you put yourself on bottles of painkillers or an aluminium walker someday.
  3. Believing on Mirror Muscles - This is for many innocent or misguided male youngsters. Focussing too narrowly on limited objectives can create anatomical imbalances. Millions of guys spend billions of hours doing endless bench presses curls and curls to build up "mirror muscles," the ones they see as they workout in front of those mirrored walls in the weight room. This creates an imbalanced tightness in the front of the shoulders, which is just asking for rotator cuffs problems. Too often unorganised exercise programs are like a movie producer who spends all of his budget on the lead actor but forgets to hire a good supporting cast. Everyone seems concerned about their abdominal muscles, for another example, but not enough people pay attention to the back extensors that work in opposition to those abs. That's how you get the guys with six-pack abs and lower back problems.
  4. Stupid "Harley Effect" - The fixation on mirror muscles, along with being too tough for your own good, combine into what is called "Harley Effect" (At the gym in USA back in 1990s, there guys all have their Harleys parked outside). A lot of such guys with or without Harley, have been pumping iron since they were teenagers. It seems like they spend more of their time in demonstrating their strength, throwing the weights around, rather than building strength through slow, steady, and controlled movement. And they are certainly not looking for the advice. They think, "Coach showed me how to do this back in 8th grade, I now how to do it. I do not need any help." Trouble is, coach may not have known what he was talking about. And we have learned a lot about exercise physiology since 1982. I come across with such people everyday. The pity is that such people has now become trainers in the gym and the most pitty thing people believe in them in India. "Baahubali does not know how to fix the scoliosis." You should never sacrifice proper form for added weight.
  5. Big Dosages - "if a little is good, more is better". Another aspect of "Harley Effect" is that the same Harleys are parked outside the gym almost everyday, with the same guys working the same muscles. Unfortunately, when it comes to muscle growth, more is not better. Muscles always respond to overload, then rest. Too much training can cause muscle breakdown and loss. In general, you should never do the same or similar workout two days in a row. However, walking, stretching,yoga, core workout, and other lower intensity activities can be done safely every day. Still you need to approach qualified and knowledgeable trainer before claiming your self from The Arnold's genetics.
  6. Love or Obsession - Just do what you love to do. Those trainers or your friends guide you like this declare them moron. For example, If you all do is run, you are going to have classic, predictable imbalances like patellofemoral syndrome or runner's knee and also IT Band syndrome.  Swimming, biking, yoga - you can pick any activity, and I can tell you what's great about it, but also the risks it poses and the work it leaves undone. That's why there is no perfect single activity.
  7. Women can gain muscles - "Women need to avoid heavier weights to avoid becoming bulky." This is the advice given by husbands, husbands' friends, jealous woman, illiterate trainers and sometimes a corrupt and incapable doctors. Indians are famous in having such mindsets. The average woman, with her very differences hormonal make up than males, almost never has to worry about becoming "The Incredible HULK", no matter how much she lifts until and unless inject those hormones. A woman has 15 mg/dl to 74 mg/dl of Testosterone (muscle building hormone) and on the other hand a man has 200 mg/dl to 1200 mg/dl of testosterone (TE) in their blood. Hence, minimum 200 mg/dl of TE is required in females. But yes, for females doing weight training can make their muscles visible because of fat loss and toning does not confuse with gaining muscles like men.

"It's better to believe in science rather than believing on those who are like those books which has a good and attractive cover page but the content is risky or dangerous."


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