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May 03, 2017



Most people who want to bulk up believe that the best way to gain muscle mass is to lift weights(true) and eat a very high protein diet(false). Although, you do want to eat adequate protein, your body does not store excess protein as bulging muscle. The pound of steak just does not convert into bigger biceps. You need extra calories and those calories should come primarily from extra carbohydrates rather than extra protein. Carbohydrates fuel your muscles so they can perform intense muscle building exercise. By overloading the muscle not with protein but with weight lifting and resistance exercise, the muscle fiber increase in size.

The trick to gaining weight is to eat larger than normal portions consistently for 3 meals per day and 1 or 2 snacks. to take in the extra calories needed to gain weight, you should eat frequently throughout the day, if that fits your lifestyle. 

Plan to have food on hand for every eating opportunity, or try these tips; eat an extra snack, such as a bedtime peanut butter sandwich with a glass of milk, and eat higher caloric foods.

Here are some bed-time snacks:

One Banana - A sleep inducing snack as it contains tryptophan and also contain sleep promoting potassium plus a good source of carbohydrates.
Oatmeal Carbohydrates help rid the blood of amino acids that compete with tryptophan, allowing more of the sedative to enter the brain and helps in combating insomnia. Remember, sound sleep helps in better growth.

Cottage cheese It contains casein protein, which releases slowly into the body, warding off hunger. Cottage cheese also offers a steady supply of amino acids through the night, which aid in muscle building and recovery

Low fat milkIt's true a milky drink can help to avoid low blood sugar and stave off hunger-driven tummy rumbles during the night, both of which could interfere with length and quality of sleep.


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