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February 15, 2017


Most of the trainers, who prefer to be so called body builder, are always worry about their muscle loss and avoid cardiovascular exercises plus take lots of protein in every way. Even if their clients look for weight loss goal they convey the same to them - do not do cardio it will lead to muscle loss in the body and further lowers down your body's metabolism and results in fat gain instead of fat loss.

Most of the people starts their weight loss program by Cardio and controlled diet without guidance or with improper guidance (by unqualified trainers). Controlled diet, they simply means NO Fat, NO carbs, but just protein. Same is preached by most of the trainers in India. The science behind this rubbish is avoiding fat in diet will not increase fat and burn fat while doing exercise; also avoiding carbs in diet will decrease extra calories storage in the fat cells, and the most important thing excessive protein will not let the muscle loss takes place. "A little knowledge is always dangerous". 

The Correct Science

Cardiovascular Exercises (CVE) : Such exercise is the strong tool to reduce fat% in the body but the most important thing is how to utilize it. CVE can be done in 4 different zones to provide you different result. These are:

1. Fat Burn Zone - 60% to 70% of heart rate reserve. If your goal is to lose weight, stay in this zone. Your body is fueled by 10% carbohydrates, 5% protein and 85% fat. The actual number of the calories burned per minute are here will be less than in higher zones, but you will be able to maintain longer. This is the best zone to be started in the beginning or for very obese person or very unfit person. Such people will be able to lose fat more with less carbs and moderate protein (1 gm to 1.2 gm per kg of body weight) diet. Fat is vital nutrient in fat loss by taking MUFA or PUFA to reduce bad cholesterol (LDL/VLDL) which in return gives heart to work for longer times.

2. Cardio Zone - 70% to 80% of heart rate reserve. It is also called the Aerobic (not aerobics) Zone. In this zone you will get the greatest health benefits overall. Your heart and lung capacity will increase and your overall fitness will also increase, so you will be able to exercise longer. Your body will get 50% of your calories from fat, 50% from carbohydrates, and protein burn will be minimal. So no muscle loss in this zone. In the previous fat bur zone, you train your heart and lungs for the next level exercise which require endurance, less weight (fat loss), increase mitochondrial space inside the muscle cell (to store more glycogen which is require for work). Once you are good at fat burn zone and ready to get into Aerobic Zone, your CV endurance will increase and subsequently calories will be burned more from the fat storage and again fat loss. In this zone you require more carbs than the previous one but healthy carbs, more fibre more vitamins and minerals including antioxidant. Fat should be again MUFA/PUFA plus little MCT (medium chain triglycerides) from coconut oil or desi ghee from cow's milk. Protein still be required at very moderate rate (1 gm to 1.2 gm per kg of body weight).

3. Extreme or Athletic - 80% to 90% of heart rate reserve. This is also called anaerobic zone. This is a highly intense exercise zone and should be limited to no more than 10-20 minutes. Your body's ability to consume oxygen will increase (VO2 max improves). If you push too hard in this state, your body will start producing lactic acid (which can be used as energy for empty stomach cardio - leads to more fat loss). Your body will burn 85% carbohydrates, 15% fat, and a minimal percentage of protein so no muscle loss again in this zone too. This zone demands high carbohydrates and less fat and protein diet. Demand of vitamins and minerals also increases. HIIT is the best example for this zone.

Benefits - you reach less body fat%, looks great, six packs available, highly active in ADLs (activity of daily livings), fat loss is no more your goal in this zone, it's just the performance matters, confidence much higher due to less cortisol in the blood.

4. Maximum - 90% to 100% of heart rate reserve. You are now pushing your heart to its limit here and should first consult your doctor to check if you can safely exercise in this zone. This zone is mainly for elite athletes like Usian Bolt. If you want to try this zone, first train like him with full dedication, commitment and discipline. This zone performance enhancers supplements and should be under qualified and experienced sports nutritionist only.

Conclusion - Above cardio vascular exercise zones do not promote muscle loss until and unless you are on low carbs or no carbs diet. Protein's work is to helps in repair and growth of the muscles cells and other vital enzymatic activities. Repairment only occurs if there is some breakdown of the cells. Muscle cells mostly broken down during resistance training, which requires high carbs and high protein diet. When you take less carbs for your fat loss goal and do cardio or resistance training, working muscles require energy and no energy(glycogen) is left in the muscle cell, so to fulfill the demand of energy during exercise body starts breaking down the muscle fibres to provide energy on the spot and hence muscle loss occurs. EATING LESS CARBS IS RESPONSIBLE FOR MUSCLE LOSS. CVE increase mitochondrial space in the muscle cell so that the body can store more glycogen to provide energy. I suggest to start your weight loss or fitness program with CVE (it will increase the mitochondrial space) followed by resistance training. In the end:

"Respect science and results are there at your door step".

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