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January 22, 2017


Dear Readers, hope you enjoyed my previous post and must be waiting for next part. Unfortunately, I got busy with other works. But this post will complete the talks about clearing your concepts of general body building science which could help you in a healthy way. 

The science behind Body Building exercise is very simple i.e. lift heavy and eat more. But what to eat more? And how much you have to lift?  Answers are below:

How much you should lift?
As per fitness experts, there are five different weight training zones with their own different goals. These are Endurance, Strength Endurance, Hypertrophy, Strength and Power (as per intensity level - low to high from left to right). So, we can see the resistance level in hypertrophy is more than Endurance and Strength Endurance and less than Strength and Power. Let's discuss about the hypertrophy training zone with its parameters.

Hypertrophy Training Zone

Intensity - 67% to 85% of 1RM
No. of Sets - 3 to 6
No.of Reps - 6 to 12
Rest Interval - 1 min to 2 min

                                                                                  Pic Courtesy : The Journal of Experimental Biology

Once you know your 1 RM for particular exercise you would be getting accurate results, here I am explaining one of the easiest way to calculate 1 RM by following Brzycki Formula Chart

1 RM calculation formula

e.g. Mr. A has lifted 200 lbs in Bench Press and took 10 reps, so according to the above mentioned formula his 1 RM for Bench Press will be 267 lbs. This 1RM can be used to calculate the required intensity level for Hypertrophy Zone and that further can make your goal achievement easy. Keep updating your 1 RM as it keeps on changing with training.

Now, What to eat more?

Above training zone requires more energy supply to the muscles to fulfil the training parameters. Energy in the form of ATP which you get from glycogen stored inside the muscle cell or manufactured in the mitochondria is needed heavily during weight training sessions. If glycogen stores or mitochondria is insufficient in providing ATP to the working muscles above training parameters can not be fulfilled and ends up with catabolism (opp. to anabolism). Glycogen stores increases with the increase of muscle fibre size, and mitochondria numbers increase with aerobic exercise. In my opinion, or logically, aerobic exercise may be priority based exercise program before starting the hypertrophy, as the former will increase the no. of mitochondria which later can be helpful in manufacturing more ATPs required during weight training sessions. So, eating more healthy carbohydrates to give more glycogen stores to the muscle and additionally helps in lifting heavier weight without taxing other vital cells' ( e.g. brain cells) need which creates more muscle tissue breakdown and lastly more repairing of the brokedown muscle tissue occur resulting in increasing muscle mass.

Protein is limited to 1.6 to 2 gms per kg of body weight depending on the level of training as muscles become more efficient after long training days and can provide more output in less protein intake. A teenager require more protein than any bodybuilder.  Likewise, other nutrients like Fats, Vitamins and minerals are as much important as carbs and protein.

Above method may not compete with steroid users as above is a natural method to bulk up muscles. I can help you with some supplements which are safe to use if used logically and under proper guidance. Supplements like ZMA, CLA, L- ARGININE, L- CARNITINE, CREATINE MONOHYDRATE, GLUTAMINE can be used to keep the fat% low and muscle mass high. Their timings of intake are much more important than any advice. Either people get result or waste their money and time both.

I hope you have understood general Body Building Exercise Science principles, if you have any further query please feel free to ask me on



  1. Good work Nitin! :)

  2. Superb post! The diagrams and images made it easy to understand and grasp the topic you were talking about. I have also not seen this method of calculating your one rep max before, very interesting.
    Keep up the good work!

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