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March 13, 2016


Youngsters' favorite goal at the gym - body building. They want to have big guns, big pectorals, wings to fly up high (Well, I am talking about the Lats muscles), etc. Since ancient, having big muscles is the foremost goal of the male in fitness field. In Modern India, it started with Mr. Manohar Aich (Father of Indian Body building) who won Mr. Universe Title in 1952 and he is still alive at the age of 102. During 1960 and 1980's  Arnold Schwarzenegger was very well known to Body Building and steroid use. Now a days, it is Ronnie Coleman and Phillip Heath who are well known to bodybuilding lovers. 

                                                             Mr. Manohar Aich, Father of Indian Body Building

Now, let us come to the point, having big muscles is a nice choice but without getting familiar with bodybuilding science, its practice can be harmful and frustrating. For those or I can say for maximum young population, being pro in the bodybuilding can never be effective as being more good looking with low fat%, and other strength fitness. They watch bodybuilders on various social websites, gym, conventions, WWE, etc. and try to become as them and they end up with using steroids and anabolic drugs without giving proper attention to the exercise. Here I am going to discuss the Body Building Exercise Science - HYPERTROPHY. 

Before indulging into a body building exercise program, first of all one should get all medical clearance and should go through various clinical and fitness test. For Example, if someone wants to be a part of body building exercise program and also suffering from hypertension, it could lead to death while doing weight training as in that case one can not lift heavier. Similarly, for those who have Lumbo-Pelvic Hip Complex disorder, any family history, etc. 

Now let's discuss about what body building is? 

Bodybuilding is the act of putting on muscle by working out and shaping one's diet to put on more muscle mass (scientifically hypertrophy). Bodybuilding may be done for recreation, for personal betterment or as a competitive sport.The sport of bodybuilding is judged based on the physical appearance and demonstrations of the participants.The most common technique is to acquire as much mass as possible for an extended period of time, working on being able to lift more and more weight each week. Once a threshold has been reached, or in the case of competitive bodybuilders, once a major competition is nearing, the focus is shifted to sculpting the existing muscle mass.
Some experts on bodybuilding advocate a training program of moderate weight for extended reps until failure, followed by occasional high-weight sets. Others advocate a system focusing on very difficult weights for low reps and low sets. Well, according to me it is a step by step process to be followed to keep you away from the ill side effects from its practice.
STEP 1 - Getting Your Nutritional Foundation Stronger
Without healthy eating habits it is difficult for anyone to have aesthetic physique as it requires a very low fat% in the body. A typical body building balanced diet which consists of 50%-60% of healthy carbohydrates, 20%-30% high quality protein, 20%-25% healthy fats, vitamins and minerals especially Vitamin B6 and E and Zinc, Magnesium and Calcium respectively plus good water intake. Vitamins and Minerals work as "Spark Plugs"for Protein, Carbs and Fat to work further efficiently. Water will help in keeping the muscles hydrated and very important for health at cellular level. 
STEP 2 - Professional Guidance in Exercise Program
Many people starts their body building exercise program without proper guidance or copying the program from various websites. They do not under go any fitness and clinical test to check at what stage they are and finally end up getting nothing but frustration. Professionals know the amount of weight to be lifted and repetition to be executed with appropriate rest intervals between the sets. Body Building is not about lifting heavier weight than one's capability or trying to lift heavier without proper technique, posture and form. A valid professional's instruction is always helpful for achieving the goal without much cost.
STEP 3 - Commitment, Dedication and Education for Motivation
The most challenging is to keep you away from bad eating habits as this only causes a reluctant behavior towards hitting the gym floor hard. Once you fall in the trap of sugar, alcohol and smoking, it leads to weird response towards your main goal. There should be a strong dedication to your commitment of being healthy first. Always remember "Commitment without Dedication is nothing". If you are not dedicated, the commitment will be like a usual every New Year's Resolution which most of the people make and then lost with other work. Educate yourself with healthy lifestyle, current and new trends in workout plan and exercise as "now we can not follow the 1960's trend to fix it up with modern lifestyle". Just understand what human body is, what potential it has naturally, read various journals and articles to keep you motivated and educated to help yourself only.

Body Building exercise science and workout planner will be discussed in my next post "Body Building : Clear Your Concept part 2". I hope the readers found it very informative and enjoyed the matter.
Stay tuned!


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