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March 10, 2014


The body type diet is a weight loss method that claims the main cause of weight gain is your metabolism. This diet looks at your body shape as the key to weight loss. The theory behind the diet is that your shape tells which gland controls your metabolic rate: the adrenal, gonadal, thyroid, or pituitary gland. Each metabolic gland type indicates a different weight loss strategy that should be followed, as well as specific trigger foods that must be avoided in order to keep the weight off.
People who are said to be ruled by the adrenal gland have slender hips, but are larger above the waist. These people collect excess fat on their breasts, stomach, and upper back. According to the theory of the body type diet, they are said to crave fat, salt, and alcohol. Of course, these are precisely the foods they need to stay away from to slim down.

Gonadal gland people are said to be pear shaped. They are smaller on the top and bigger on the bottom. The gonadal gland lets fat collect mostly in the rear, so this is a common trouble spot for these people. According to the body type diet, gonadal gland people are said to crave creamy, rich, and spicy foods. Again, they need to stay away from these dietary triggers in order to drop unwanted pounds.

Thyroid-controlled people have long arms and legs. They are generally high-waisted and have the most trouble with excess fat on the upper hips, waist, and thighs. According to the body type diet, thyroid controlled people should resist their cravings for caffeine, sweets, and starches if they want to lose weight.
The last metabolic gland type is the pituitary gland. The body type determined by this gland results in a small figure with fat spread out fairly evenly. People who have the pituitary gland body type love dairy and sweets, which they must abstain from in order to lose weight.

While the body type diet may be helpful for some people who want to drop excess weight, it is not a miracle cure. This diet is one of many weight loss options, each with its own challenges. In order to lose weight for good, you still need to find out which foods work best for your dietary preferences and commit to a regular exercise program.


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