Be Fit Exercise is a treatment to all Orthopaedic Disorders Nutrition is a key to healthy lifestyle

January 25, 2014


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“Healthy Lifestyle” is a term that fascinates many people around the globe and they do various experiments to achieve the concerned goal. There are many different principles that claim to achieve that, I am also adding my observation for achieving the healthy lifestyle. Living in a healthy lifestyle is itself a big challenge to face but if one cracks the puzzle to win over the game it becomes a live habit in your daily routine. During my research, I have observed six facets that make it possible to attain a healthy lifestyle. These six facets are like the four walls of the room and one ceiling and one floor.
1.     Reason for healthy living
2.     Motivation for healthy living
3.     Confidence
4.     Balanced Nutrition
5.     Anaerobic exercise
6.     Aerobic exercise

Motivation and Confidence are best understood under psychology. Psychology explore concepts like perception, emotion, motivation, brain functioning, personality, behaviour etc. In general psychology involves the scientific study of mental functions and behaviour. So, if anyone is looking forward to live a healthy life he/she explore him/her self by inquiring the questions arise when the idea of following a healthy lifestyle. Role of psychology in attaining a healthy lifestyle is to finding the answers to the negative thoughts or such questions that makes you reluctant to run on the way to your goal. Now let’s focus on the facets that I mentioned above:

Reason for living a healthy life – Finding reasons or observing them in your mind is the positive sign to move ahead. Following can be the reasons to join gym or any health club for living a healthy life:
1.       To treat some disease or disorder
2.       To make heart healthy
3.       For self satisfaction
4.       To look attractive
5.       To compete an event
6.       To live longer
7.       To avoid any disease
8.       For boosting confidence
9.       Better sex
10.   Last but not the least “to be fit”

Motivation – If you are thinking that you have to live healthily, the power of thought activates and tempts you to involve in similar environment like meeting fitness enthusiasts, approaching fitness guidance, reading similar journals, articles or blogs etc, this thing happens due to the tendency of mind to give destiny to your thoughts. This power of thought takes you to the required environment and motivates you continuously to move further in your journey and this applies to every field.

“Getting recognition also motivates people.” – Abraham Maslow

Confidence – When you are motivated, you get confidence and it is one of the most important reasons to move further towards your goal. For instance, an athlete is motivated to win the competition; he/she will have confidence to win actually. Confidence also helps in maintaining motivation level up higher and makes the success available to the person.

Balanced Nutrition, Aerobic exercise and anaerobic exercise are the consequences of the first three facets. These are the practical application of above three theoretical assumptions. A balanced nutrition means having a required amount of macro-nutrients and micro-nutrients along with water intake in a day that is mandatory for body’s metabolism. The level of confidence and motivation depends on the type of food you eat. Zum Beispiel, if you burn 400-500 calories at gym and eating high GI foods, the result would be worst despite of much hard work at gym which further lowers down the level of confidence and motivation. On the other side if you eat low GI foods and create a caloric deficit without insulin spike at the end of the day, you are actually cutting down some extra pounds. Such achievements motivate you further and help in attaining fitness goals.

Anaerobic exercise makes your joints and muscle stronger so that you can better do endurance workout as anaerobic exercises extends the limit of lactic acid threshold or anaerobic threshold which for an average healthy adult is 80-85 % of MHR {206.9-(0.67*age)}. It means along with getting stronger muscles and joints you are also making your muscles to endure lactic acid accumulation to an extended limit. This helps in aerobic workout such as marathon.

As there are three types of muscles (smooth, skeletal and cardiac) in the body and each muscle type is conditioned by three different facets like Balanced Nutrition makes Smooth Muscle (muscles of visceral organs like blood vessels) healthy by destroying LDL (saturated fats) rings through HDL (MUFA,PUFA). Anaerobic exercise makes skeletal muscles stronger and aerobic workout conditions your heart.

Aerobic + Anaerobic + Balanced Nutrition + Psychological understanding = Healthy Lifestyle

So, the chain goes like REASON for living a healthy life activates your MOTIVATIONAL THOUGHTS and these thoughts fill you up with high CONFIDENCE to fuel up your body with a BALANCED NUTRITION which further makes you to run your VEHICLE (BODY) in two ways AEROBIC & ANAEROBIC to achieve the FITNESS GOALS.

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