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January 23, 2014


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There are plenty of reasons stuck in people’s mind behind the thought of fitness. The first and foremost is that, losing extra pounds is fitness, but this thought remains limited and spread almost over 80% of population who are fitness enthusiasts.

The actual step towards fitness is not only losing extra pounds but strengthening your immunity or body’s natural defense shield, as during losing weight or after weight reduction numerous “free radicals” are created than normal which, if ignored, can lead to various degenerative diseases like Parkinson’s disease, arthritis, cataract etc. by attacking our body’s defense shield continuously. Free Radicals are unstable cells of oxygen (that we breathe) having 7 or less electrons in its outer orbit which are the result of our normal metabolic activities and enhance the oxidation of cells or tissues. To stop this oxidation we (who are aware) usually intake Anti-oxidants (vitamins A,C,E & K ; beta-carotene, CoQ10) in the form of vitamins and minerals, nutritional medicines or in the form of natural food sources like spinach, almonds, walnuts, green tea, coffee etc. which help in making these unstable cells or free radicals stable by donating required electrons to fill the outer orbit of oxygen.

For being fit, nutrition covers almost 60-70% of its role and exercise gives only 30-40%. The logic behind this principle is, as we all spend 24 hours in a day by doing various activities including sleeping and we normally can  exercise for maximum 2 hours and rest of 22 hours are spent in maintaining healthy lifestyle through adopting healthy eating habits or not. Also healthy eating habits have nearly 6-8 sessions per day instead of 1 or 2 session/s. Fitness is like a journey towards the destiny (being fit) and the vehicle (body) needs fuel or a better fuel (healthy nutrition) to make the journey comfortable. On the other hand if we focus on exercise mostly and least on nutrition, we gradually invite various diseases which are hidden as side effects. As every act of us has some side effects whether its positive or negative, exercise also gives side effect as the production of free radicals that can only be neutralize by anti-oxidants which are almost ignored. It’s like the impurities in the carburetor that can hampers your journey (fitness) by stopping or slowing down your vehicle (body).

I am quoting some benefits of healthy nutrition :

  1. Lowers cholesterol levels (VLDL/LDL)
  2. Maintained Blood Pressure
  3. Clean blood circulation
  4. Healthy colon and digestive system
  5. Healthy visceral organs
  6. Remain active
  7. Improved metabolism
  8. Treat some hormonal disorders like PCOD/PCOS, Thyroid etc.

Without above mentioned benefits one can’t run or walk on the way of fitness. Many fitness experts claim that exercise improves blood circulation or make the heart healthy, here the question arises if there is not much space in the blood vessels for blood to circulate (due to LDL rings and it can only be reduced by HDL that is taken not made through exercise) throughout the body, the recipient cells or tissues like muscles will not get proper nutrition and will remain deficient.

So, the ignored side is the first and the foremost step to attain healthy nutritional lifestyle and trigger  further thoughts of a smart physical workout. In my next post I will be discussing the role of psychology or thought power that can be very helpful in a healthy lifestyle.

Stay fit, stay happy!


  1. Very well written..hope u share more...

    1. Thanx... N sure I will be doing that asap!!


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